Fear Teaches You


Well, here I am yet again with my thoughts on “what’s next”? My life is changing and feel a push to get out of my comfort zone. It is the most uncomfortable feeling and fear seems to creep in. When you look at my life on paper, it would pass a test. However, in reality I am not aligned with my heart. You may ask, “What does your heart have to do with this”?  My heart has been a minimal focus for many years. My feelings have been suppressed by my corporate role that I have been doing for 15 years. It’s that left brain, right brain philosophy. I have been the analytical brain for many years of my life. Feelings were on the back burner. I can say that for many years it worked for me and I was able to keep up and become very successful. Now at 35 years old on September 12th, I am seeing my mind, body and soul has different priorities. I want to do something that aligns with my heart, rather than my mind.

Fear has shackled me from becoming what I want to be. My thoughts and my trust has been holding me back. I know by fitting my circle into a square for so long it will get exhausting and to be honest quite daunting. When I think of who I really want to be, I consistently allow fear to talk to me out of it. My career is an attachment that I need to let go and be more active to who I truly want to be. Risk is scary and I have always been someone to take the “safe route”. I have learned that I have complete control over my life and I know that if I don’t address my ideas, then the momentum will start slowing down. With fear comes knowledge and power. I can decide to be fearful and allow fear to keep my momentum in full force! What is the worst that can happen? One day I want to look back and say that I tried, even though fear was on my shoulders. If you look at all the entrepreneurs out there, they didn’t come from a perfect road. They had to fail, be vulnerable and fear the unknown. But it allowed them to live their dream and fear became a bestie. COME ON FEAR, let’s be BFF’s!




Whatever your Deal is… it’s a BIG deal!

Why do people shy away from what makes them happy? Lost in the hustle. As little or big the situation may be… it is what brings you light. Celebrate it! Too many times I hear women say “it’s not that big of a deal” when they accomplish something. What?!?! It is a BIG deal! We as human beings have to back each other up and be there for the party! 

I’m guilty of it myself. I hide behind my celebrations. I shine it off like it’s not a big deal.  But it really is a big deal if it makes me happy. It’s worthy of a celebration from myself and others in my circle. Life has a way to meter what a “big deal” is in life when it comes to happiness. Why does it have to be some big event? It’s as simple as, “I did yoga today and I ate less carbs”. Go Becca! Or, “I made it through the day without feeling anxious”. Now thats a celebration. Let’s pop some bubbly! The people that love you, I promise will celebrate with you no matter how big or small your celebration is. Anything that makes you celebrate life…. celebrate! 

Start with the little things. No need to wait for the big events. If you do that you are taking away the moments that matter to you. Why wait? I will celebrate with you! Let me get my party outfit ready!

Xoxo, Becca 

Is this just a popularity contest?



All of my life I have have been true to integrity and had a strong connection to my morals and values. I do the right thing based on my upbringing and have been given the tools along the way to add to my belt. This would be in work and my personal life. I am a firm believer in “Treat others how you would want to be treated”. My mom taught me to work hard and have confidence in anything I did. She was very big on, “Don’t be a follower, Be a Leader”. That is a tough one when you are young. The only thing you want is to be accepted. However, this was great advice that has been instilled in me. When did everything become a popularity contest?

I noticed in my work and personal life, people do things based on the popular vote if its good or bad. Why would someone follow something “bad” per say? They are followers and not leaders. It drives me crazy to see people go with the norm and step outside of their morals and values. STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX! THINK FOR YOURSELF! BE YOU is what I want to scream. What happened to being transparent and true to yourself? We are all so consumed with media and pressures that we start living almost mechanically. People also think showing emotions is a sign of weakness. What happened to showing your true self and let vulnerability create the human connection that is so important. We get lost in translation and it creates a divide. Don’t get me wrong, their is a time a place for everything. Creating your own path is not only self gratifying, but it creates your own unique spot in this world.


You see teens copying these reality stars on what is “pretty”  or “cool” to society. We need to start teaching our youth about individuality and what makes someone pretty is not just the shell, it’s their integrity and morals and value that makes them BEAUTIFUL! Too many times you see that the ideals and priorities are focused on the shell of a person. What happen to being a good person and not being an ASSHOLE!  Showing empathy, kindness, love  and creating a human connection goes way further than anything else. Now, on the flip side it can also happen in the work environment. I see it in my office with the younger audience. They follow whats popular and don’t look at the integrity. They do this to feel accepted but they don’t look at the bigger picture. I have to consistently coach them in areas such as emotional intelligence, Treat others how you want to be treated, BE YOURSELF, NO drama (gossip), being a leader and not a follower, and staying in their lane and solely focus on their goals. You wonder how they were taught or maybe they just want to follow the crowd. Maybe they didn’t have parents that instilled this in them. The younger generation is caught up with social media chaos that feeds them CRAP! They are learning all wrong! Social media is teaching them the popularity contest to win the grand prize of…. losing your true honest self.  NO THANK YOU! How many friends/followers they have has turned into a game….a popularity contest.  Let me tell you, I would much rather have a small circle of quality people rather than a big circle of people for the quantity. Who’s winning here? It’s all about being liked and feeling validated. Self validation should be within yourself. Why have others do that for you? I can open a can of worms on this one!


Bottom line, you can love me or hate me. I will still be me. I don’t need to be favored by anyone because I know I do the right thing. Being liked is something I gain with trust and also what I put out I know I get back in. Karma! As long as I am kind, empathetic, genuine, and authentic I would hope my circle would grow with more people like that. The more the merrier. Popularity doesn’t matter in that territory. At that point you are true to yourself and you are giving back to this world. A world that can be so dark at times…shed some light!

OK…I’m off my soap box now! LOL!


xoxo, Becca