Whatever your Deal is… it’s a BIG deal!

Why do people shy away from what makes them happy? Lost in the hustle. As little or big the situation may be… it is what brings you light. Celebrate it! Too many times I hear women say “it’s not that big of a deal” when they accomplish something. What?!?! It is a BIG deal! We as human beings have to back each other up and be there for the party! 

I’m guilty of it myself. I hide behind my celebrations. I shine it off like it’s not a big deal.  But it really is a big deal if it makes me happy. It’s worthy of a celebration from myself and others in my circle. Life has a way to meter what a “big deal” is in life when it comes to happiness. Why does it have to be some big event? It’s as simple as, “I did yoga today and I ate less carbs”. Go Becca! Or, “I made it through the day without feeling anxious”. Now thats a celebration. Let’s pop some bubbly! The people that love you, I promise will celebrate with you no matter how big or small your celebration is. Anything that makes you celebrate life…. celebrate! 

Start with the little things. No need to wait for the big events. If you do that you are taking away the moments that matter to you. Why wait? I will celebrate with you! Let me get my party outfit ready!

Xoxo, Becca 

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